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Videography at sea with Bob Caligiuri

It is day five of the cruise and to date I’ve shot 240 minutes or 60GB worth of footage. My job as the trip’s videographer involves shooting activities and experiments performed by the scientists on the ship. The footage is … Continue reading

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Another wonderful night-watch

Last night held something special in store for us, for me in particular it was two sharks. Can anybody guess their species? Few hints – collected at 500m depth, member of the Scyliorhinidae. We caught three, one will be in … Continue reading

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Fourth Video

Animal Diversity – download or stream Apologies for being a little later today, our connection was lost for some time.

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Fine Focus- Steve Blatnica, Midpark High School:

I’ll be living half in the daylight, and half at night for the remainder of the expedition. Last night would rank as the highlight of the trip so far. I was able to help out with the IKMT (midlevel trawl). … Continue reading

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MOCNESS Madness – Linsey Sala

You think fitting 55 ravenous people into the galley for breakfast is hard, well then you have never done a MOCNESS. It’s madness. The only thing that can save you when your nets are tangled and your hydrowire is pinched … Continue reading

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Day Five – Jenan Kharbush

Wow. Another long day watch has finally come to an end. I’m watching the light of sunset slowly fade from brilliant orange to pink and finally to the deep purple that signals nightfall. For once, with the changing of the … Continue reading

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What a Life! by Shelley Glenn Lee, Educator

Preparing the IKMT midwater trawl Wow! what a night. Worked the night watch 5pm to 5am. We caught so many critters from the deep. The Education Team helped to deploy, retrieve, and process THREE IKMT’s (mid-water trawls), TWO MOCNESS (multiple … Continue reading

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