Introduction to the Cal-Echoes At Sea Education Team

Not only is there going to be lots of amazing science going on during the Cal-Echoes cruise, but there is also an entire education team! This means education in a traditional K-12 sense, as well as answering questions and providing information for the general public.  All of the members of the cruise are committed to sharing their work not only with other scientists, but with anyone who has a love of science and the ocean.

There are a total of 6 teachers on board the cruise. Many of them are already putting together lesson plans and implementing them in their classrooms. They will be writing blogs and communicating with their classes while they are at sea. There will also be new lesson plans and information from the teachers after they return to their classrooms. Starting later today, there will be pre-cruise blogs from the teachers telling us about their expectations, experiences in planning for the cruise, and feedback that they have received from their students.

In addition to blogging and writing lesson plans, the teachers will be working with researchers to produce a daily video, which will be available for classrooms during and after the cruise.  They will also be working to create virtual collections of fish, sediment cores, benthic invertebrates, and zooplankton which will be available for the public, scientists, and educators for years to come.

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