Pre-Cruise Blog by Teacher at Sea – Jane Darrow

Hello, I’m Jane Darrow, Roehm Middle School and Berea High School Gifted Services Instructor.  This posting serves as an update of what some of my students have explored thus far in regards to CalEchoes.

As I don’t have a set class with the students, what we’ve done thus far is have a preliminary session (at middle school) in which we’ve talked about what is a scientist, took some video about their ideas, and then gave students time to independently explore the website, in order to determine their interests.  I’ve also put this site up on my moodle, so they may access it from home.

Last week, I sent out a memo, asking students to follow up with me about the question, what is life aboard a research boat like?  I’ve also given the site to one of my high school students, so that she may explore further, as she’s interested in environmental topics, but not sure how she should narrow
down the field.

I’m going to be working in conjunction with Diana Tucker, to go a bit further with her students than her classroom may have time to allow for.

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