Life on the RV Mellvile

Hi, my name is Bill and I’m a graduate student who will be going on the CalEchoes cruise.
I’ve really been intrigued by the drawings done the Roehm Middle School students depicting “Life on a Research Vessel”. All of the drawings were fantastic! Well done! It is interesting to see the pictures students have in their mind of what life will be like aboard the RV Mellvile (we leave tomorrow!). I wanted to address some of the running themes that occurred in several of the drawings. First, many of the students included helicopters and “mini” submarine vessels.

Ivan's Mini sub

Mack's Helicopter

Austin's mini sub

While these types of vehicles have their place in science research (see Alvin), we are unfortunately not taking them along with use for our investigation of the Santa Barbara Basin (maybe next time).

Nevertheless, many of the aspects in the drawings created by the students were spot on. I’d like to bring your attention to the drawing done by Hugh, Jake, and Connor. In their depiction of “Life on a Research Vessel” you can see a large net that has captured fish.

Hugh, Jake, and Connor's Net

Their net is not unlike the MOCNESS and IKMT nets we will be deploying during the CalEchoes cruise – you can read more about these and other sampling methods here. Additionally, several of the students included pictures of squid. Again, during the cruise we will be jigging for Humboldt squid (Dosidicus gigas) and using them in an ongoing study of their ecological interactions in the California Current. These are only a couple of the many things that we will be doing aboard the RV Mellvile in the coming days.

Juliette's truly Jumbo Squid

I leave you with a few pictures I took this week of loading and preparing the RV Mellvile for our departure tomorrow morning. We are loaded and ready to go!

Loading the Ship!

Research equipment ready to be loaded (with FLIP, a very unique research vessel, in the background)

Deciding on work space

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