First Day – by Ben Fissel, SIO graduate student

From Second Day

Batten down the hatches!

Secure the microscopes!

And we’re off!!!

The Cal-Echoes cruise has set off to sea. It’s a beautiful day to be on the ocean. Shortly after leaving Marfac (where the R/V Melville was docked), striped dolphins could be found playing and racing the ship just off the bow. In the hull, the ship scientists busily work to secure their stations including their pipettes, microscopes, monitors, computers, and various chemicals to be used in the making of SCIENCE! This is the first research cruise for about half of the student researchers on board (myself included). Hopes are high as we eagerly await to try all the scientific devices we have learned about in classes to collect specimens and data from the ocean around us. As the sun sets on the first day at sea, we are still in transit to the Santa Barbara basin. We are set to arrive around 1:00 AM. Sampling and testing will begin immediately with acoustic tests and trial runs of the MOCHNESS along with the IKMT. Tomorrow, bright and early, we begin coring! It will surely be a great day.

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