Day Two On The Melville by Steve Walters

I started the day at 4:00am getting the famous cups ready for deployment. I stuffed them with paper towels and placed them in a nylon net bag. We then attached them to the CTD device and at 7:20pm and they went over the side to a depth of 568 meters. After about 40 minutes they surfaced as little tiny cups. The CTD device has 24 bottles that gather water at different levels in the water column. It also has the ability to register other important data such as oxygen levels, temperature, water clarity and other types of information. Several scientist were accessing the water samples for their research. In the next few days students will have access to this data also.
We also deployed the IMKT net and brought up some great examples of zooplankton and other organisms that will be added to our virtual collection. This collect will be available to view when we get back home. Later in the morning I became Mike Rowe and helped with the “dirty job” of science, core sampling. We took 5 samples today and will be taking some more in the coming days. According to Dr. Norris from SIO we brought up some great cores. According to him some of this mud may be as old as 2,000 years. Bill Jones another grad. student was using the core samples to look for fish ear bones called otoliths. He hopes these bones may determine the growth rate of fish from this basin.
Dr. Schimmelmann from the University of Indiana placed little signs with dates and events into one of the core samples which was really neat. You then had a better perspective as to how old the mud was. You will be able to see these photos on the Cal -Echoes web site soon. After 2 box core and 3 Kastan core samples today my body was covered in very old mud. Before I turn in tonight I plan on jig fishing for squid.
Just another day on the Melville.

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8 Responses to Day Two On The Melville by Steve Walters

  1. Linda says:

    Sounds like you are having fun and learning alot. I guess you never outgrow playing in the mud; did you know that mud can help remove wrinkles so does that mean that the older the mud is the less wrinkles? LOL, Linda

  2. Demores says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to get squid from a nice Italian restaurant?

  3. Bailey says:

    have you guys caught anything yet from jig fishing.

    • steve walters says:

      Baily as of tonight we have not caught any squid. The only time we fish for squid is when the boat is stopped and no equipment is over the side except for the water filtration system. We will continue to jig for squid.

  4. Yash Patel says:

    How wuold you courner the squid?

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