The Opportunity for Solutions – Jerry Ruiz

It’s Monday and everyone is working hard to do their research and teachers are working just as hard to get that information to the classroom. The theme of the day should be called problem solving on the Pacific. Some questions that need to be addressed:

  1. What do we do with all this mud?
  2. Where are we supposed to be?

    Or more importantly,

  3. Where shouldn’t we be so no one gets hurt?
  4. How are we going to get the educational videos off the boat and onto the classroom for students to see?

We know science is driven by questions, but many times when doing experiments, things go wrong. Problem solving is an important skill for everyone on the boat to have. Every aspect of a research cruise has problems to deal with, just like life. The engineers are working on internal problems of the boat be it the motor, electricity or water. The crew deals with equipment issues on top of the boat and stewarts work on maintaining the living space. Researchers are figuring out what to do with their samples, or even worse, what to do when they do not get any samples. Teachers looking at the technology and how they can bring life on the cruise to the classroom so students have a better understanding of the rolls each person plays.

It is not uncommon in science where experiments don’t go as planned, but lead to answers of a different problem. The key is to realize problems are part of the process and communication with collaboration are key components to finding solutions big and small.

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One Response to The Opportunity for Solutions – Jerry Ruiz

  1. Sal says:

    Great Videos and Information ! Do you throw back all the live sealife that’s not used for scientific research or save some for a Great Dinner!

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