Another wonderful night-watch

Last night held something special in store for us, for me in particular it was two sharks. Can anybody guess their species?

Few hints – collected at 500m depth, member of the Scyliorhinidae. We caught three, one will be in the SIO collection and two are missing some innards.

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12 Responses to Another wonderful night-watch

  1. Tiffany Resler says:

    Great White Sharks and Hammerheads? It’s really interesting that you found sharks, but it would scare me.

  2. Khaila Pickering says:

    Is it a “hammerhead shark” or a “great white shark?” Does this shark pose any sort of threat to your cruise?

  3. Tia K says:

    is it a great white or hammer head. do you think there are alot more around?

  4. Brittany Randolph says:

    Is one a hammerhead shark? and what tests do you plan on doing with the sharks?

  5. Bobby Campbell says:

    I think it is either a hammerhead shark, or a great white shark. I think it is also pretty cool that you have gotten to see some of those type of sharks.

  6. Korie Maryo says:

    What kind of sharks are they? Is this the first time on the trip that you have encountered sharks? I hope that they are not harmful or ruin time for research for you.

  7. Bailey Moody says:

    IS it a hammerhead shark….. and i think that is cool that you guys get to see things like that and what do you guys plan to do with the sharks.

  8. Jessica Barnes says:

    What does SIO collection mean?

  9. Danielle Abbott says:

    I think one is a Great White shark, Did you have trouble catching any of the three sharks?

  10. Taylor Hunt says:

    I think they are great white sharks and hammerhead sharks.

  11. calechoes says:

    Thanks for the responses, not a great white or hammerhead I’m afraid. Thought I had attached the picture to let you ID them. They were just under 20 centimeters so no loss of time or danger to the crew – in fact they should enhance my research by pulling me in a new direction.

    Picture is up now, any more guesses?

    • calechoes says:

      Actually it seems my ID has come up in another post, they are filetail cat sharks – Parmaturas xaniurus – unless the name has changed since the guide came out. Can’t wait to see what we catch tonight.

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