Fourth Video

Animal Diversity – download or stream

Apologies for being a little later today, our connection was lost for some time.

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19 Responses to Fourth Video

  1. Michaela Charlton (Midpark High School) says:

    so you guys know, we can’t see it. It’s not streaming for some reason.

  2. Jane says:

    Can’t get it, either.

  3. Lea Ulintz says:

    Same here. It isn’t loading.

  4. Lea Ulintz says:

    I can’t, either.

  5. Dylan Pachla says:

    No, can’t get it.

  6. Maggie Leibold says:

    I found a video that said it was on youtube, so I watched it, but then it was gone. Was that the video? If so, when you would suck the animals from one disk to another, does that affect them in any way?

  7. calechoes says:

    Don’t know what is wrong with the streaming, but it is working on the Cal-Echoes site (

  8. Yvette - Dana Middle School says:

    fourth video worked for us, from the calechoes site

  9. Miranda Crowley says:

    I found all the different types of sea life very interesting. I’ve never seen nor heard of most of the species.

  10. alec lunney says:

    How do animals at such low depths handle the pressure? It is really interesting on how they can withstand all the pressure.

    • That’s a great question. They all have adapted to living at those depths. Similar to how we have strategies for living where we do. Specifically some fish have reduced structures that may be limited in use at that depth. Large eyes and mouths are a great advantage at the depths. Light emitting cells help them camouflage or communicate at these dark layers of the ocean as well.

  11. Khaila Pickering says:

    I think that the small octopus is very interesting. Is that as big as it will get? If so, is it possible that other animals [of the sizes that we know them to be] could also have “miniature” versions of their species?

  12. Cate Hill says:

    I enjoyed this video the most because I haven’t heard or even seen some of the creatures shown. I’m liking these videos more and more, they keep getting more interesting.

  13. Torrie K says:

    Why are there vary few animals a long the basin?

    • If there is a source of energy and matter, then you can imagine life will be taking advantage of it in some regard. The reason there is little life at the bottom of the basin is because it’s anoxic. This extreme condition limits the type of living things that can inhabit it.

  14. Kayla Kazy says:

    How do the animals at the very bottom of the basin handle the pressure?

  15. Marina Honkala says:

    This video was interseting! The creatures looked very weird! I’ve never seen anything that looks like those. I wonder how come there aren’t very many animals living in such a big area.

  16. Freddie Assmus says:

    What animal was in the fish tank around the 3:30 second mark?

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