Ups & Downs – ship’s log by Karl Wutzer

first time on a cruise // afraid of seasickness – feel drunk, although alcohol is forbidden // wow, the moon is moving, oh, wait a moment, it’s the ship // sun is shining, sea is calm // feeling great.

suffering from jetlag – waking up at 3 am – day shift begins at 5 am // box core deploying – operating the a-frame – yeah! big machines // always wear lifewest and hardhat! // waiting – depth: 253 m, 254 m, 255 m – waiting // „Hey, how are you? What’s your name again?“ Nice guys everywhere // preparing piston core: writing with „mark-a-lot“ on plastic pipes the section numbers // waiting – depth 530 m // box core is coming up again – wating… – operating a-frame // box core is on the ship again – playing in the mud – terrible smell – where you smell H2S you can expect pyrite – good // measuring pH in different depths – writing down date, time, coordinates and corename – preparing destillated water to calibrate // sediment sampling: use vakuum pump to preserve sediment layers // Sing (all): „Oh this wonderfuuuul muuuud!“

inside 7.30 am // having great american breakfast – never eaten so many eggs before // looking what the others are doing in the lab // WOW! Didn’t like bacterial mats very much until looking at it through mikroskope – discovering a new universe! Wow, just … Wow // Greg is taking pictures of the bacteria – have now a new screensaver for my laptop // Think of an advertising: The biggest moments in live are when you feel the smallest // feel small.

outside 10 am // don’t forget coffee – miss italian espresso // feeling awake eventually // deploying piston core // 18 meter coring – earth history since Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) – excited // lunch 11.30 am – tastes good, for vegetarians as well – veggie hot-dogs!!! Thanks to Marc the chef // always good to know the cook.

afternoon // kasten core // sedimentprofiles are like a history book, but in general there are some pages missing due to erosion or bioturbation and it is impossible to figure out what happend // in this kasten core there is nearly no page missing // can count layers almost like treerings // looking at this 2 m long kasten core, imagine 2000 years of history and feeling small again.

what a wonderful experience it is to be on this cruise // I’ve learnt a lot and met so many nice people // american scientists are beautiful, „southern californian scientists are the most beautiful“ (NORRIS et al. 2010).

// and, never trust a german on a cruise:

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3 Responses to Ups & Downs – ship’s log by Karl Wutzer

  1. Michaela Charlton (Midpark High School) says:

    Ok I’m confused…. Was that your schedule of your day? If so I got a good laugh out of some of it. I have a question though. What was your favorite part of the week and why?

    • karl says:

      Mmmh, what was the best part of the week?
      There were so many exciting things but my favorite was the kasten core! In my daily scientific live I am drilling on land. So this was my first time seeing a core from the ocean ground. What I’m used to is, that there are some parts missing in our corings on land. There is always bioturbation an a lot of other influences. The kasten core of the Santa Barbara Basin was not disturbed at all. It was a complete record of the last 2,000 years. That’s awesome!
      Why it is so complete? First there is nearly no stream in this depth of the basin and second there is an anoxic mileu what reduces biological activity and so bioturbation.

  2. luke nelsen says:

    looks sooo heavy, nice face.

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