Where am I, When am I: Steve Blatnica, Midpark High School

October 1, 2010

I thinkthe week is coming to an end. there are several ways in which I know this.

1. All of my clothes have mud on them. (That’s as straight forward as its sounds) I’m running out of clothes, as I wasn’t expecting the cool temperatures we’ve experienced at sea.

2. The researchers are reaching the data saturation point. Many have relaxed, and the stressful running around seems to have slowed up a bit. Most researchers are now beginning to sort through a lot of information this cruise has provided. The geologists have all the sediment packed up in anything that will hold mud. Including the buckets that don’t belong to them. Trust me, they heard about it. It has been a source of comic relief for several days. It even has inspired a sort of apology song and dance performance from the geologists. Although I didn’t observe it directly, I’ve heard from those who did. I’m sure it will be on youtube soon enough. I suppose they could fill their pockets with sediment.

3. My camera memory card is filled. I’ve taken over 400 shots. I myself have come to data saturation. The collection of shots I’ve taken hopefully can bring the experience alive to my students and my memory. I can’t wait to share the experience .

Most of the day today I spent replying to my students through the expedition blog. I’ve been impressed by the thoughtful questions and responses Midpark students have given. Many of the researchers have as well enjoyed reading the posts and responding to them. Some have been impressed that anyone responded to their posts. So, well done everyone. To be honest, the response to the blog posts has been more than what everyone expected. We’ve had over 3,100 blog views. When I tell everyone that stat I mostly get: ” Really?” Yeah, really. This means only one thing…. Students are interested and excited about the science that is happening here. It has been quite an experience, and I’ve taken back conversations, observations, techniques, and appreciation for the opportunity to share this with others.

Tomorrow being the final day, I decided to help out with one of the final deployments. I picked up a rod and jig to help Iliana Ruiz-Cooley on squid jigging. Jigging is just like fishing, you cast out and pull, reel in, and repeat. Unfortunately, we caught zero squid, just as others experienced. However, zero is still data. Nothing is something. Remember that.

Got a big one!

Hey, what's down there?

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16 Responses to Where am I, When am I: Steve Blatnica, Midpark High School

  1. Cassidy Broz says:

    Squid jigging sounds like fun and by the way, if you were a girl you probably would over pack, and then you’ld always have clothes to use. I don’t know from experience, I pack enough to get me through the time frame that I’m away from my house, maybe an extra shirt here and there.

  2. Nick Bennett says:

    Why were you squid jiggling at night instead of the day time. Do they prefer to go out hunting at night?

  3. Michaela Charlton (Midpark High School) says:

    HAHA yoour face is funny in that one picture. Ok being serious now, so squid jigging is just like fishing? Do you have different luars you have to use or is just the food the squid like to eat?

  4. Dylan Pachla says:

    What did you take so many pictures of? I’d like to see some of them.

  5. Elisabeth Weems says:

    How many squids were you expecting to catch? And what information did you find exactly from not catching any?

  6. Trinh Vo says:

    I’m sure the whole class is excited to hear about your fun experience! Although from the name, we all thought squid jigging would be a big more exciting than fishing hahaha.

  7. alec lunney says:

    That must be horrible running out of clothes. Are most of them drenched in mud? Do you get dirty really easy. I hope you had fun on the cruise!

  8. Jessica Barnes says:

    Nice pics! Looks like you’re having fun!

  9. Matt Rensel says:

    wow, 400 pictures, thats crazy. you guys must be very tired after a week of hard work. Can’t wait to see all those pictures.

  10. Kayleigh Berendt says:

    Is there a specific reason you hunt the squids at night?

  11. Kyla Johnson says:

    Don’t people say jigging when they refer to dancing? How hot was it during the trip, did you get good weather most of the time? And those are funny pictures you took!

  12. Marina Honkala says:

    Are you happy or sad that your trip is over? Im glad that you got all the information u needed.

  13. Sami Danly says:

    I like that saying, nothing is something, good to remember.

  14. luke nelsen says:

    wow how long where fishing

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