Last Day at Sea- Diana Tucker

The cruise is coming to an end. We had our last educator’s meeting this evening. Tomorrow we pack up, clean up and prepare to unload the boat. The transit back to San Diego will take 14 hours. With any luck I will have a little bit of time to check out the San Diego area before getting on a plane headed to Ohio Monday morning. Hopefully I will not find myself in the position of explaining to a security officer at the airport that the unidentified brownish substance in 4 Ziploc bags and some duct tape is indeed only 1,700 year old mud.Not suspicious at all, It is a souvenir of sorts for my students and a chance to let them discover how scientists can sift through the goop to find ancient scales and pieces of sea creatures. A chance for them to try their hand at using those clues to put together the puzzle of past life and ecosystems.
Anyway, what a voyage! I have learned such so much and met so many interesting people.What a great experience for my students to get to see how this machine we call science works to churn out more and more information; more and more understanding. I hope this adventure may inspire a few to follow their inquiring minds into the uncharted territory of unique research. What amazing adventures lie ahead for those that chose to question and explore.
Tonight we all wrote haiku’s about our lives here at sea. this was mine:

“rolling, changing on
liquid life diversity
spun from common thread”

What a grand adventure and a look into worlds so small and strange. How often do we get a view of the past and reflect on the fact that the we humans have been a part of this amazing Earth for just a glimpse of it’s vast history? Here’s to hope that we can still yet figure out how to become her stewards so that these incredible creatures can continue to roll and change on……….

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5 Responses to Last Day at Sea- Diana Tucker

  1. Olivia S. 1 Period CPE says:

    I saw all of the diffrent animals that you were looking at, and I have a question, did you release them back into their homes? I hope you had fun on the Cal- Echoes Cruise!

  2. 2nd period CPE says:

    How was your trip Mrs. Tucker? We are looking forward to sifting through the mud you are bringing. We enjoyed reading your blog posts. We liked your haiku. Josh feels bad for the fish that was flapping in the video. See you Tuesday

  3. Mariah K. 1period CPE says:

    I hope you had fun on the cal-Echoes cruise! I can’t wait to see the old mud! Where the fish and other animals hard to catch? See you soon.

  4. Mariah K. 1period CPE says:

    I hope you had a fun time on the Cal-Echoes cruise! I can’t wait to see the old mud! Were the fish hard to catch? See you soon.

  5. Morgan W. says:

    Did you have a good time? How long will it take to get back to Ohio?Have a safe flight!:)

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