Summer camp is over

The team preps some cups to go down deep

3/4 of the infamous singing anglers

Thus ends our scientific journey aboard the Melville, all that is left to do is clean up and go home. Samples are labeled, inventoried, and lashed down for the ~18hr boat ride home. The tables have been mostly cleared of our scopes and computers, the lab is quickly emptying. The photos are being piled higher and higher (10 gigs and growing) and seriously need a little sorting (delete the duplicates and the blurry ones!).

In a way this reminds me of a summer camp. We came from different places, we made new friends, ate together, bunked together, sang together, hauled together, killed together, sorted together, laughed together, and now we return to our separate offices and institutions. For a great many of us, this was our first and possibly last time on a research vessel. It has been undeniably unforgettable, and despite the fair amount of heavy grunt work it went incredibly fast.

Hopefully my time here turns into something for my work as a senior graduate student and helps me inspire the future of society as a teaching fellow at Helix High School. That’s aiming high but at least I know that I had a hell of a good time and can wear my R/V Melville hat and call myself a seafaring Marine Biologist with relative pride. I came, saw, shrank some cups, collected some livers, helped shoot some video and pull some tag lines. What more could I ask for more?

Beautiful sunrise after a long Night

Part of the Night-Watch gets ready

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5 Responses to Summer camp is over

  1. alec lunney says:

    My teacher, Mr. Blatnica seemed like he was only gone for like 2 days. It is hard to believe it has been a whole week. What kind of conclusions did you guys come up with?

  2. Michaela Charlton (Midpark High School) says:

    I can not wait to see the videos of the songs. I also agree with Alec, it seems like Mr. Blatnica has only been gone for a few short days. The anticipation of hearing about everythinghe has learned from everyone and everything has kept me waiting for school to come on Tuesday! What advice would anyone have for a girl who is wanting to persue a career in Marine Biology?

  3. Ryan McGinty says:

    I hope you guys had some fun on the boat. I also hope that you gathered a lot of data, which is pretty apparent since you guys have 10 gigabytes of pictures. I can’t wait till Mr. Blatnica comes back and sees all the work out class did.

  4. Yash Patel says:

    I see you guys did alot of work. What was the most interesting thing you found during the journey.

  5. Tristan Carland says:

    Thanks for the responses. I would have thought it would feel like Steve was gone for months?

    alec – The conclusions will have to come later. With science like this, we spent the cruise out in the sea collecting what we need to study. Most of us (like me) will be studying that for some time (weeks to years) before we have conclusions to our larger questions. I have some personal conclusions about which fishes might be good to study (because I know where they are now), but even that will depend on my research over the next few months.

    Michaela – For a girl looking to pursue Marine Biology, I would recommend paying attention in Biology classes, and looking into things when you aren’t at school. A lot of what I now know came from watching documentaries on television and reading encyclopedias.

    Yash – The most interesting thing to me were the deep sea sharks that we pulled up 1500 ft deep, and the large number of flatfish larvae that were found over an anoxic basin. Finding flatfish (think flounder or halibut) is neat in this area because it is a place where you wouldn’t thing that those kind of fish would want to be there because they normally live on the bottom. This means that they will probably go somewhere else as they get older.

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