Photo Albums

Sampling the Ocean:

Sediment: Coring the ocean floor

Sediment cores were used to sample the seafloor. In the Santa Barbara Basin, sediment is deposited in layers due to very little bioturbation (the low levels of oxygen prevent animals from living in the sediment and mixing it). These layers are like the rings within a tree, and sampling the seafloor here can be compared to coring a tree. These layers can be counted and dated, allowing scientists to sample and study particular time periods of interest. Different types of sediment cores allow different depths of the seafloor to be sampled, and thus different time-periods within the history of the California coast.

Read more about the equipment on our website.

___Piston core ___________Kasten Core____________Box Core

______ _____


Bacterial Mat and Animals_______ Coming Soon! Changes in Diversity on the Seafloor

The water column

Nets and water sampling will be used to sample the water column. Different types of nets will allow different depths and animals to be explored. Likewise, water samples will be taken at varying depths and in oxic and anoxic waters.

Read more about the equipment on our website.


______ ______

____IKMT_____________Water Filtering _________Squid Jigging

______ ______


__Sea Creatures



Life on a Ship:

_Places on the Ship____Day One_________Day Two _______Day Three

____Day Four ______ Night Four _______Day Five ________Night Five

All of our photos are described on our Picasa web album.  Please click the photo to be brought the specific album you’re interested in.


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