Skyping follow-up

Yesterday most of the second period CPE class participated in a teleconference with Mindi. Due to the epic snowstorm that swept most of the country, we weren’t sure that we would be able to make this happen, thanks to cancelation of school due to snow days.

Everything came together,however, and it was bright sunlight streaming through the windows of Mindi’s
apartment that greeted us as we connected via skype.

The purpose of this skyping session was to hear, four months out, the results of the research that the scientists have done, and to get a first-hand debriefing from the organizer of the cruise. A secondary goal was for the students to get feedback from Mindi about their student-created videos that they had developed and shot, after researching and learning about various aspects of the Calechoes cruise and its scientists.

The session did not disappoint. After a brief introduction, a conversation and evaluation about the various aspects of the videos, both entertaining and educational, ensued. T-Payne’s On a Boat was mentioned briefly, and while we couldn’t get Mindi to pick a favorite student video, she highlighted the aspects of each video that she and her crew enjoyed.

Next came the student-created questions, covering everything from sea-sickness remedies to core mud samplings. While much of the research is still being processed and therefore results weren’t available to share with the class, the students did get some of their questions answered about bacterial mats, worms, and other samples that were taken during the cruise.

One of the most valuable pieces of information came from Mindi’s suggestion to the students about following their passions to find their life’s work. She encouraged them to explore their options and the world around them, and
to be open to different experiences and where they might lead.

Thanks Mindi, for taking the time to skype with the students! It was a nice opportunity to have a virtual “face-to-face” experience, and get the student
thinking again about the science behind the cruise.

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